Russian dancers performing at a Muslim wedding Chandryangutta

A video of Russian dancers performing at a wedding ceremony of Muslim businessman has gone viral on social media platforms on Sunday. It drew flak from certain quarters, as it was allegedly setting a ‘bad precedent’ for the entire community which is already facing ‘backwardness’ both at financial and educational levels.

Be it Facebook or Whatsapp, the post of video purportedly taken at Noori functional in Bandlaguda at hotelier’s son’s marriage ceremony where Russian dancers were engaged drew flak. Each of these dancers were first engaged as bearers in formal uniform to serve the men’s section during dinner, but the real purpose of engaging them appeared as surprise to many.

Ironically the function was attended by who’s who of the city, including top politicians who on several occasions asked the Muslims to cut down on their expenses over marriages. Following dinner, these Russian dancers skimpily clad performed on the stage much to the amusement of those who attended the wedding. Incidentally, this wedding continued till 3 am or 4 am not far away from where the police are regularly seen conducting ‘operation chabutra’ or ‘cordon and search’.

While activists on social media criticised the organisers and police for allowing such nuisance during the late night hours, others described this as a cultural norm which has been kept alive for some time. On Sunday, Chandrayangutta police called up the owners and managers of the function halls and conducted the meeting on sound pollution during late night hours.




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