Meerut: Parents leave toddler locked inside car, locals break window to rescue her

The incident occurred in Central Market in Meerut

Shoppers in Central Market in Meerut were in for a scare as they saw a toddler locked in a car on the night of November 5.

Apparently, the parents of the toddler had left her inside the car.

Local residents and shoppers rushed to help the baby girl and broke the glass window to rescue her. It is not clear whether the air-conditioning system of the car was on or not. Parents of the toddler were given a warning by the police for their negligence.

“Locals spotted her & tried to find her parents. Then locals broke the glass window to rescue her. Her parents were later found by police & rebuked,” said SP Ranvijay Singh.

There have been many such cases in India as well as abroad where parents have left their young children, often toddlers inside the car. These mistakes have even ended in tragedies and some of the trapped children have lost their lives because of suffocation.

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