Goa Man Gets Caught Flashing His Genitals ‘By Mistake’ On a Bus

A bus journey for a college-going woman turned into a nightmare in Goa. As tweeted by Hasiba Amin, the woman was on a bus when a man started to inch closer to her and eventually touched her.

She thought he was simply trying to peep at her phone screen and brushed him aside. When his nudging didn’t stop and she turned to him, the man had his penis hanging out of his pants.

Here’s what she has to say:

She raised an alarm and called the cops on him.

““This thing is going to give me nightmares. I can’t forget that scene.”” – Woman in the video

People gathered around to ask the man what his actions meant, and he said he had left his pants unzipped “by mistake”.


A similar incident took place in Kolkata where a man was caught on video masturbating on a bus in May 2018.

Two women were travelling on a Kolkata bus when they realised that a fellow passenger was looking at them and masturbating. One of the women decided to take the matter up to the police, so she pulled out her phone and recorded the man while he was at it.

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