Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi-Jakarta Flight Diverted to Mumbai as Woman Gives Birth Onboard

Mumbai, October 24: An Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi-Jakarta flight has been diverted to Mumbai as a woman passenger gave birth onboard the flight. More details on the same are awaited. In September, a Jakarta-bound Etihad plane was forced to return to Abu Dhabi minutes after take-off due to a reported engine problem mid-air. Jet Airways Gets $35 Million Lifeline From Etihad.

The aircraft landed safely and all the passengers were safe. Earlier this year, a newborn baby was found dead from Abu Dhabi to Jakarta. The baby was found wrapped in a plastic bag of the plane’s toilet.

There have been many cases, where women have delivered on board. Last year, a woman gave birth on board Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Multan-bound flight from Saudi Arabia. The entire crew of the airline came forward and helped the woman to deliver.

Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi-Jakarta flight diverted to Mumbai as a woman passenger gives birth onboard the flight. In a similar incident, a Nigerian woman gave birth onboard a flight after she went into labour a week earlier than her delivery date.

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